Netizens Think That These Two Popular Girl Group Members Look Extremely Alike

What do you think?

(G)I-DLE‘s Jeon Soyeon has gotten explosive reactions recently thanks to her change in style. The singer changed her makeup and styling to a softer one compared to her early days. Fans found her especially pretty in this photograph.

| @tinyprettyj/Instagram

She looked cute and lovely with a ribbon in her hair.

| @tinyprettyj/Instagram

Netizens brought up that her new look reminded them of another girl group member, aespa‘s Karina.


Not only did they have similar hairstyles, but netizens also pointed out similarities in their facial features.


They both have small faces, tiny chins, and large eyes.

Netizen reactions. | Instiz
  • I think it’s just because both their faces are small.
  • They’re both pretty.
  • Wow, just looking at their eyes, I didn’t think so, but when I cover their lips, there’s the vibe. Kinda like when you look at the photos overall and do a double take.
  • Wow, I really see it when I cover their lips. I originally thought it was their lower face that looked similar. Fascinating.
  • Their eyes are similar.
  • Please stop with the “lookalikes.” Fans on both sides are uncomfortable.
  • Wow, I thought that their vibes were similar, but I think it’s because their face shape are both pretty like quail eggs.

Lookalike or not, the fact that they’re both gorgeous doesn’t change!

Source: Instiz