(G)I-DLE’s Manager Gets Flamed For Allegedly Inappropriately Touching Minnie

Fans are angry.

One of (G)I-DLE’s managers is currently under fire for allegedly inappropriately touching Minnie. According to fans, he has been needlessly hanging around the star, even invading her personal space at times. Fans have accused him of interfering in her interactions with fans who are clearly respecting her space and rules.

During their recent fansign, fans criticized him for following her around and sitting next to her on stage at times.

During a photo-taking session, he also stood behind the star, which fans claim held no real purpose.

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When Minnie stopped to sign autographs for fans, he can be seen coming close to her.

Fans were incensed to realize that these incidents kept piling up. During another fansign, his hand came dangerously close to her face.

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There was also an instant where he tried stopping her from waving to fans. The fans were a far distance away. He even touched her hand in the process.

He also touched her underarm while trying to call her away from fans.

The final straw came when Korean fans who had run into the (G)I-DLE members at the airport reported that he had been making personal comments about her in front of the fans. The girls had allowed the cafe cashier to pick any one of their five cards to make payment for their food. They ended up picking Minnie’s card. Minnie had come to tell the fans about this matter, gabbing excitedly to the fans. The manager immediately came over and inserted himself into the conversation. According to fans present, he commented that he “knew this would happen as Minnie’s card is as pretty as her face.”

Fans have been calling for CUBE Entertainment to step up and do something about the manager. They urge the company to protect Minnie and the girls by removing him from the manager team.


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