“I’m Obsessed”: (G)I-DLE Made Meghan Trainor And Her Brother K-Pop Fans

“It’s the coolest world.”

Meghan Trainor is returning to her roots…

Meghan Trainor


While the American singer-songwriter is known for her hit songs “All About That Bass” and “Made You Look” now, she once made money as a songwriter. Her songs were deemed “too cheesy and poppy” for singers like Rihanna, but they were perfect for K-Pop artists.

It’s not until now that Meghan Trainor has revealed any personal info regarding which K-Pop artists took her songs. Recently, K-Pop girl group (G)I-DLE worked with her for the English EP HEAT. 

(G)I-DLE | @official_g_i_dle/Instagram

Both Meghan and her brother, Ryan Trainor, are created on (G)I-DLE’s song “Eyes Roll.” So, they talked about the group on the recent episode of their podcast Workin’ On It with Meghan Trainor & Ryan Trainor.

Meghan Trainor revealed that she delved into (G)I-DLE when they obtained “Eyes Roll.” She became curious, and the more she learned, the more she became a fan.

I’ve been studying (G)I-DLE now because got our song. So, I was like, ‘Who is this group?’ And I’m obsessed with them. They’re so pretty and so cool and so talented.

— Meghan Trainor

| Meghan Trainor/YouTube

Ryan agreed, saying that the girls are “so cool.” Meghan said it’s an honor that (G)I-DLE sang a song they wrote.

Meghan Trainor/YouTube

Ryan Trainor: They’re just so cool. Yeah, so cool.

Meghan Trainor: So cool. I’ll never be like all of them.

Ryan Trainor: There’s no chance. It’s over.

Meghan Trainor: But it’s an honor that they’re singing something we wrote, you know?

Ryan Trainor: Yeah, it blows my mind. It makes no sense to me.

To the Trainors’ surprise, producers for (G)I-DLE have sent them more songs for them to work on. So, these talented siblings are excited and ready to commit to the world of K-Pop!

Meghan Trainor/YouTube

Meghan Trainor: And now the producers sent us extra tracks like, let’s do it again.

Ryan Trainor: Yeah, so, I guess we gotta really dive into this. I’d be so down to like commit to K-Pop. I think it’s…

Meghan Trainor: Oh my gosh. It’s the coolest world.

Watch the full episode below.

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