(G)I-DLE’s Minnie And Miyeon Exude Expensive Vibes As They Flex Their “Couple Rings” In The Most Iconic Way

“I want what they have.”

(G)I-DLE‘s Minnie and Miyeon were seen looking like the cutest besties at the airport, but they had fans laughing and in surprise in equal measure when they showed off their “couple rings.”


The members of (G)I-DLE arrived at Incheon Airport on November 10 to fly out to Chile. They are set to perform as part of the lineup of the upcoming Music Bank in Chile event, which also includes NCT DREAM, ATEEZ, THE BOYZ and STAYC.

Each of the members shined in their own unique style…

…exuding majorly expensive vibes.

But while Minnie was dressed in Prada and Miyeon in Dior, they both still ended up wearing matching outfits.

In fact, a fan noticed that they were also wearing matching rings. Luckily, they got to ask the two idols about it—and received the most iconic response.

Fans already loved Minnie’s answer on its own, but soon netizens pointed out that it was a considerably expensive ring…

…hilariously joking about how jealous they are of Minnie and Miyeon.

Currently, 4 million Korean won adds up to about $3000, giving their matching rings perhaps more meaning.

Fans had already noticed before that it seemed like Minnie and Miyeon had matching rings…

…so it’s rather gratifying that Minnie and Miyeon confirmed it in such an iconic manner!


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