(G)I-DLE’s Minnie Is Wrongfully Suspected Of Wearing A “Couple Ring” On Her Livestream — Here’s What Really Happened

This incident is proof you shouldn’t believe everything you see online.

(G)I-DLE member Minnie was recently suspected of being in a relationship due to wearing an alleged “couple ring” on a recent livestream.

Minnie |

On December 13, Minnie held a livestream where she communicated with fans. According to reports, the idol spent an hour and a half with fans in a seemingly normal broadcast.

When the livestream ended, however, a netizen alleged that the idol was in a relationship.

A post on an online community that has since been viewed over 200K times alleged that a ring that the idol wore was a “couple ring.” The author stated that the idol had worn a wedding ring on her wedding finger and criticized the idol for not bothering to hide her relationship.

She wore a wedding ring on her wedding finger on her left hand. Isn’t she making it too obvious? Also, she never wears the ring she bought herself on her wedding finger, LOL. But I guess her boyfriend has less money than her, as he gave her a less expensive ring than the ring she bought herself.

— Netizen

According to a news report, the “couple ring” Minnie wore was a Chanel ring that is often worn as a wedding ring.

Minnie | Nate
Minnie’s ring | Nate

Netizens alleged this was further proof that the ring was a “couple ring.”

  • “Huh? I thought something wasn’t right while I watched the livestream, but I guess it was a wedding ring… She never wears the ring she bought after Miyeon on her wedding finger, nor does she wear any other rings (on that finger).”
  • “The fact fans are sincerely thinking about the group disbanding despite having two years left on their contract shows the members did the fans wrong.
  • “She bought the Chanel ring after Miyeon bought her mother the ring. That (the ring in the livestream) is not the Chanel ring.”

Fans, however, didn’t realize that Minnie wasn’t wearing the ring on her left hand but on her right during the livestream. The picture uploaded in the post had been manipulated by the netizen to show the ring on her left hand. Also, although the Cartier ring is a popular “couple ring” worn in Korea, it is also commonly worn among friends as a friendship ring.

Manipulated photo (left) shows Minnie’s facial mark on the wrong side of her face. | Nate

Netizens flamed the author of the post, criticizing them for maliciously starting an unfounded rumor.

  • “But seriously, what were you thinking when you manipulated the picture and switched her right and left hands? This is some seriously malicious trashy behavior.”
  • “Does it make sense to manipulate the picture and act like an anti? Isn’t this fraud? You are weird AF.”
  • “The Cartier ring is a “couple ring,” but there are a lot of people who wear it because the design is pretty.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: Insight and Nate
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