(G)I-DLE New Song “Nxde” Gains Attention After Becoming A Trend On TikTok Aimed At Combating The Sexualization Of Idols

“It’s an anthem to regain control…”

After the release of their new album, I Love, (G)I-DLE has been gaining attention for their amazing talent, visuals, and stage presence in their title track, “Nxde.”

The concept photo for (G)I-DLE’s album | CUBE Entertainment

Since “Nxde” was released, it has captured the hearts of netizens worldwide and made a huge statement. From the unique concept to catchy music and lyrics, it isn’t surprising that it has gained a lot of attention.

The “Nxde” music video | (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube
| (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube   

Even on stage, they have made a statement, making use of their fans for the performance during Inkigayo.

| 스브스케이팝 X INKIGAYO/YouTube 

While some thought “Nxde” was racy and sexual, that was not the intention behind it. Leader Soyeon previously explained the inspiration behind this comeback’s concepts.

‘Do they just want to look sexy?’ That’s what most people would think. I want to beat that kind of bias as well. It’s not that we want it to be erotic. I just want to change their perspectives.

— Soyeon

In South Korea, the production, consumption, or distribution of pornography is illegal. This has meant that nonconsensual pornographic videos of women and children are common.

Korean netizens pointed out that the track helped to decrease searches for child pornography. If someone searches on social media the group’s Korean name or the word “children” (아이들), along with “nude” or “nxde,” (G)I-DLE and their content will now automatically come up instead of illegal, illicit photos.

Yet, even though Soyeon’s meaning behind the track was praised, it seems like netizens are using “Nxde” to start a new trend on TikTok, calling out the sexualization of idols.

The trend started with users compiling videos and images of idols who had been sexualized for the way they looked or dressed.

It then progressed to individual clips of both female and male idols. Netizens have put together a compilation of comments “sexualizing” the artists, especially talking about body parts or visuals in a vulgar and objectifying way.

When the main words of the outro kick in, the comments vanish, and it shows the idol in the video embracing their bodies. It showcases the confidence of the idols in their visuals and how comments don’t validate them.

In particular, the clips emphasize the lyrics of the song which seem to speak about the “inappropriate” views on nudity and taking control of your own beauty.

Why you think that ’bout nude?
‘Cause your view’s so rude
Think outside the box
Speak out.
My beautiful self, my beautiful, self
I’m born nude.
The pervert is you.

— (G)I-DLE’s “Nxde”

When the videos were posted, one fan shared on social media how proud they were that a new trend was started. For them, they saw it as a way of calling out the sexualization of idols through the lyrics used.

In the comments of the clips, netizens couldn’t stop praising the message of the song and its use for the trend. For many, they believe it took back control and called out those who focus on commenting on idols in an inappropriate way.

Although music is for enjoyment, it can be used for the greater good. (G)I-DLE released a song that is taking back control for idols and their bodies and also battling illegal pornography.

You can read more about the important purpose behind the track below.

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon Praised For Coming Up With Clever Way To Prevent Illegal Pornography

Source: @loml_jennie


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