“Reminded Me Of White Chicks” — Everyone Can’t Get Enough Of (G)I-DLE’s “Queencard”

Did they live up to expectations?

(G)I-DLE recently came back with “Queencard.” After their success with “TOMBOY” and “NXDE,” everyone had high expectations for the girls. They did not disappoint and delivered everything we wanted and more.

Minnie opened with her low, sultry voice as she strutted down the street in a minidress.

Genius songwriter and producer Soyeon looked fantastic in red.

Shuhua and Yuqi shone as unbeatable popular girls.

Miyeon was as gorgeous as ever! The song practically screams her.

What caught the eye of many was the comedic dance battle scene.

The girls gave it their all while keeping the mood light.

They slayed the addictive choreography.

The song is perfect for the summer and everyone can’t get enough.

Netizen reactions to the song. | theqoo
  • The song is f*cking exciting LOL It’ll be good to listen to with your mind cleared of thoughts. It was also funny when the medical staff danced.
  • The song is so exciting LOL
  • The MV is so great. The White Chicks dance battle LOL.
  • The MV is so fun LOL
  • Crazy, the song is f*cking good. The MV was also well-done.
  • Ah it’s so exciting. Why are all the girls so pretty?
  • Minnie’s intro is insane…

Catch the MV below! It was everything from comedy, to great music, visuals, choreography, and more!

Source: theqoo


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