(G)I-DLE Fans Are Concerned About Shuhua’s Health And Voicing Their Frustration With CUBE Entertainment

Her members looked after her.

(G)I-DLE are currently in the United States for their first world tour, JUST ME ( )I-DLE, and fans couldn’t be more impressed with the members’ constant energy and charisma.

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Some non-fans are even taking viral clips of the group performing as a sign that they should start to become fans.

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But after the most recent concert, fans are worried about the members’ health. During their “MY BAG” performance, Shuhua stopped dancing mid-performance, sitting on the stage as if she couldn’t keep performing anymore.

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Yuqi immediately came to make sure Shuhua was okay and helped to escort her off the stage.

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Although fans were worried, Shuhua made sure to rejoin her members at the end of the concert and even performed two more songs, proving her professionalism despite not feeling well.

Yuqi made sure to look after her when she rejoined them.

And fans are also pointing out that Shuhua made it through almost the entire setlist, proving her commitment to performing for fans.

Fans are hopeful that, given their busy tour schedule, (G)I-DLE will be able to take time to rest and stay healthy.

And are critiquing CUBE Entertainment for not giving the members enough time to rest properly.

Hopefully Shuhua will feel better soon.