These 4 Girl Group Maknaes Are Collabing For A Special Stage — And Netizens Are Shook

“There are no visual holes in this lineup.”

A girl group maknae collab has been revealed for 2020 KBS Song Festival and netizens are swooning over the lineup.


The participating members were revealed while leaving practice. The first member is (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua.


Shuhua showed off her timeless beauty leaving practice and greeted fans with a heart.


Next is YunaITZY‘s beloved maknae.


Yuna’s visuals couldn’t be concealed by the mask. Netizens even noted it made her face look even smaller.


IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung will also be participating in the collab stage.


The youngest of the maknaes, Wonyoung stuns with her gorgeous visuals.


Last but not least, Arin of OH MY GIRL is also featured in the lineup.


Arin is the oldest of the lineup and greets fans with a wave.


The visual combination of maknaes has netizens excited for their stage.

Wonyoung, Shuhua, Arin, and Yuna.. Daebak, the visuals are crazy

Well, there are no visual holes in the lineup

Crazy.. I can see Yuna and Wonyoung on the same stage

— Netizens

Don’t forget to catch their collab on December 18!

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