(G)I-DLE Shuhua’s Unexpected Decision For Their “I LOVE” Mini Album Moved Minnie To Tears

Soyeon had prepared alternate solutions.

(G)I-DLE is receiving a lot of praise for their upcoming comeback, I LOVE.

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Netizens were shocked when the first teaser photo dropped, and all of the members had blonde hair.

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The styling choice was chosen for its powerful message, trying to push back against the stereotypes of a “dumb blonde,” with Soyeon inspired by a celebrity icon.

(G)I-DLE are also revealing their true, vulnerable selves through the nude concept, trying to push past the prejudice some might have about the risqué concept.

Do they just want to look sexy?’ That’s what most people would think. I want to beat that kind of bias as well.

— Soyeon

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Soyeon is also receiving immense praise for the title of the album and how it will positively impact web searches.

I LOVE is intended to break stereotypes and expectations, once again proving how powerful (G)I-DLE is in the industry. But part of the reason for netizens’ shock at all of the members having blonde hair is Shuhua‘s previous reluctance ever to dye her hair.

In the past, Shuhua has often talked about never wanting to dye her hair.

But despite the blonde hair being a vital part of the album’s impactful message, Soyeon had prepared an alternative concept in case Shuhua did not want to dye her hair.

But the alternative concept wasn’t necessary as, after taking a few days to decide, Shuhua agreed to bleach her hair. Minnie was so shocked by the decision that she cried when she found out.

Minnie: We had a dinner together after the concert, Shuhua told me she was going to bleach her hair…

Shuhua: She cried.

Minnie: I cried.

Shuhua:What? Shuhua is going to bleach her hair?

Shuhua | 스튜디오 훜 : STUDIO HOOK/YouTube 

Although Minnie crying isn’t out of character, since the idol admitted that she cries when she drinks, her response proves just how much this concept means to all of the members.

And aside from (G)I-DLE’s powerful messages, fans love how well blonde hair suits her.

Hopefully Shuhua loves the look just as much as her fans do.

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