Shuhua Responds To Her Fellow (G)I-DLE Members’ Bikini Pics — And Her Reaction Is Priceless

She’s too funny. 😂

As a loving maknae(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua is always there to protect her members!

Recently, Shuhua came to their defense by commenting on their Instagram photos and her response sums up her caring (yet hilarious) personality perfectly.

Minnie looked like royalty in her Instagram photos as she sported a gorgeous one-piece bathing suit by the pool.

| @min.nicha/Instagram
| @min.nicha/Instagram

While many fans were smitten with Minnie’s beauty, Shuhua entered full protective mode!

I’ll send you swim shorts so just wait a little bit.

— Shuahua

| @min.nicha/Instagram

Similarly, Soyeon showed off her stunning figure in a pastel bikini.

| @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram
| @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

Again, Shuhua came to protect her from the elements of the cold — and unwanted eyes!

It’s pretty, but it’s getting cold out so please wear some clothes.

— Shuhua

| @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

As a leader, Soyeon is weak for the youngest and couldn’t help but agree.

Hahahahahaha okay Shuhua I will one by one⛄☃️

— Soyeon

Precious Shuhua might be the youngest…

…but she’s got her members’ backs!