(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon Opens Her Own Personal Instagram Account

Soyeon is the fifth (G)I-DLE member to join Instagram so far.

Less than a month after several of her fellow members opened their own personal Instagram accounts, (G)I-DLE‘s leader Soyeon has joined the platform too.

Soyeon’s Instagram account was revealed on June 2 through (G)I-DLE’s own official group account with the username @tiny.pretty.j. Not only does it describe her perfectly, it also has a cute and clever meaning.

In Hanja, Soyeon’s name is written as “小娟”—the first character translates to “small” or “tiny”, while the second translates as “beautiful” or “pretty.” And, of course, the “j” in Soyeon’s user name refers to her last name, Jeon.


In her first upload on Instagram, Soyeon shared a series of four stunning photos. The first two show off her striking visuals.

| @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

Looking closely, there also seems to be a new tattoo on her right wrist, though it’s unclear what the image may be.

| @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

The last uploads show off another new tattoo—a simple electrocardiograph (also known as a lifeline or heartbeat line). Soyeon also has a tattoo of a lotus on the back of her shoulder blade, which she revealed she had done after a burst of confidence earlier this year.

| @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

Soyeon captioned the photos, “Let’s go!!!!!!!!🤪,” adding her full name in Hanja at the end.

Within minutes, her fellow (G)I-DLE members began following her, leaving sweet responses on Soyeon’s first upload. Minnie commented, “Welcome to Insta World😚,” while Yuqi wrote, “Hello❤️,” and Miyeon responded “Heol🔥❤️🥰”—a Korean exclamation denoting surprise.

| @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

As for her profile photo, Soyeon went with a gorgeous black and white selfie. Within an hour of her first upload, Soyeon accumulated over 25,000 followers and began trending in Twitter‘s “Technology” category.

| @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

Soyeon is now the fifth member of (G)I-DLE to open her own Instagram account; four of the remaining members all opened their own accounts on the same day back in May. Yuqi currently has around 665,000 followers

Minnie currently has around 570,000 followers.

Miyeon currently has around 560,000 followers.

And Shuhua currently has around 545,000 followers.

Now, fans are hoping Soojin‘s personal Instagram account won’t be far away.