(G)I-DLE’s Minnie, Yuqi & Miyeon Open Their Own Personal Instagram Accounts

They’re the first members to join the platform!

Three years after (G)I-DLE debuted, the members are finally making their own personal Instagram accounts! On May 10, Minnie, Yuqi, and Miyeon all announced their new foray into the social media platform.

Minnie’s Instagram handle is @min.nicha, combining Minnie (her nickname and stage name) her real birth name, Nicha. For her first two posts, Minnie treated fans to some high-quality pictures from the group’s I Burn photoshoot earlier this year.

In her first hour on Instagram, Minnie racked up over 50,000 followers and made it to the top 50 worldwide trends on Twitter.

Continuing the theme, Minnie also used an I Burn photo for her profile picture.

| @min.nicha/Instagram

Yuqi’s Instagram handle is @yuqisong.923—a combination of her full name and her birthday, September 23.

For her first set of posts, Yuqi revealed some adorable pictures of herself at Disneyland Shanghai, taken a few days prior.

Given that Yuqi uploaded three posts in succession, it’s possible she’ll continue the popular “three-part theme” to make her feed even prettier.

She surpassed 60,000 followers in her first hour on the platform and trended on Twitter in several countries. For her profile picture, Yuqi reused a photo she uploaded to Weibo last month.

| @yuqisong.923/Instagram

Finally, Miyeon went with a more creative username for her account: @noodle.zip. Fans have long been using the name Noodle for Miyeon because her name is similar to the Korean word for “noodles”: myeon. Miyeon once suggested Noodle as (G)I-DLE’s fandom name, but she’s since embraced the nickname for herself, referring to her personal fandom as Gukmul (soup).

The “.zip” part of her username comes from the computer extension for a compressed file, implying that her Instagram will become a file filled with moments for fans to enjoy.

So far, Miyeon has only shared one photo to Instagram so far—and an adorable selfie at that—but she’s the first member to post an Instagram story too.

“Hello☺️” | @noodle.zip/Instagram

Like Yuqi, Miyeon also used an old social media upload as her new profile picture. Within 30 minutes of uploading her first post, she reached over 30,000 followers on her new personal account.

| @noodle.zip/Instagram

Miyeon, Yuqi, and Minnie are the first (G)I-DLE members to launch their own personal Instagram accounts, but fans are hoping that Soyeon, Soojin, and Shuhua won’t be far behind.

[UPDATE]: Shuhua has now launched her own Instagram account!

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Becomes The 4th Member To Open Her Own Personal Instagram Account