(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon Actually Punches The Camera For Her “Ending Fairy” Pose

She has the injuries to prove it.

(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon just put a brand new spin on your typical “Ending Fairy” pose — and it’s totally badass!

At the end of (G)I-DLE’s comeback stage for “Tomboy” on MCountdown, she ended the stage in the coolest way: Punching and breaking the camera.

She crouched in front of the broken lens, saying her goodbyes…

…as the rest of the members followed and posed.

However, this epic ending didn’t come without it’s fair share of struggles.

During a fansign, she showed a fan her hand injuries that came along with punching.

| @GIDLEMY_138910/Twitter

While it’s unlikely that she actually hit the camera and instead hit a screen in front of it to protect the equipment, she still really went for it and has the scars to prove it!

Fortunately, she shared that everything is okay.

The camera is unharmed and her hand will heal, but one thing is still broken: The record for the best ending fairy pose ever.

The queen you are today, Soyeon!