Korean And International Netizens Have Very Different Reactions To (G)I-DLE’s New Song “Super Lady”

Korean fans were much harsher and more negative!

(G)I-DLE‘s newest video for their track “Super Lady” has received very different reactions from Korean and international netizens.

The members of (G)I-DLE | @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Since debuting, (G)I-DLE has always made waves with their songs, creating masterpieces with fun videos but also messages that have deep meanings and are empowering for many fans.



On January 29, the group released the music video for their title track “Super Lady” from their second full album. As expected from the teasers and concept photos…

| @G_I_DLE/Twitter
| @G_I_DLE/Twitter
| @G_I_DLE/Twitter

It was truly badass from start to end. Even the video gave off the vibes of a magnificent performance with five extremely strong and badass women.


Each member had a chance to shine, and the video truly reflected the message the group has been showcasing.

When the video came out, international netizens couldn’t hide their excitement in their reactions to the song. With the members seemingly giving homage to past idols, the song radiated strong and feminist vibes, allowing the members to showcase their power and sexiness.

Even on Reddit, the consensus was amazing, with the only grievance coming from fans wishing it was longer.

byu/CronoDroid from discussion

byu/CronoDroid from discussion

Yet, while international netizens were obsessed with the song, the consensus from Korean fans was very different. Although some appreciated the #tb references, many found the song disappointing and even shared that the controversial song “Wife” was a better option for a title track.

  • The MV kinda looks like an MV from America back then LOL. The song isn’t one that will appeal to the public but I like it.
  • It looks flashy, but that’s it? The hoko is kinda weak. Will it stay in the heads of the listeners?
  • I listened to it on Melon first and it was so-so. Watching it with the MV made the song way better.
  • The song is really bad. “Wife” is way better. They should’ve written the lyrics properly and used wife as the title.
  • Tacky and seems like I’ve seen it somewhere before.
  • From the intro to the outfits, what’s going on? Taken aback.
  • They’re downgrading bit by bit.
  • Out of all idle songs, it’s the worst.
  • Why something like this all of a sudden… Idk where they began to go wrong

(G)I-DLE undoubtedly create a buzz with their music. Whether you like it or not, the video is truly a masterpiece showcasing the dominance of the members and their desire to always create something new.

Source: (G)I-DLE and theqoo