(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua And Yuqi Each Had A Memorable First Day In Korea, But Their Reasons Couldn’t Be More Different

They’re both in the foreign line of the group.

(G)I-DLE is one of the most recognizable multi-racial groups in K-Pop. They have three foreign members: Minnie from Thailand, Yuqi from mainland China, and Shuhua from Taiwan.

From Left to Right: Minnie, Yuqi, and Shuhua

In a recent interview with Sudsapda, the latter two talked about their experiences as foreigners who dropped everything to pursue their dreams of being K-Pop idols in Korea.

Shuhua (Left) and Yuqi (Right) | Sudsapda/YouTube

One such topic that they talked extensively about was their first day in South Korea, Yuqi’s in 2015 and Shuhua’s a year later in 2016. They had opposite experiences as the former recounted positive memories and the latter recounted negative ones.

Yuqi’s first day started well by meeting a friendly face in the form of Minnie.

Once I arrived, I met Minnie. We had to live together in the same dorm. I greeted her and started to fix my stuff.

— Yuqi

Though she was alone in a foreign country with a different culture and language, Yuqi was just happy to be there. It was the starting point of reaching her dreams, after all.

I told myself, ‘Oh, this is where I have to be now.’ On the first day, I wasn’t feeling sad at all. I was excited because I was always dreaming of this. I was excited.

— Yuqi

Shuhua, meanwhile, did not have the best experience as she came to Korea feeling ill. It was already difficult to adjust to the new environment but she had to do so in less than tip top shape.

On the first day that I arrived in Korea, I was sick. I had been sick for a few days so when I arrived in Korea I wasn’t feeling well because I was sick.

— Shuhua

Her first 24 hours in Korea became a little bit better after meeting Minnie and receiving medicine from her. Six years later, she still remembers her kind actions.

After I told her that I was sick, Yuqi told Minnie and she gave me some medicine. I was impressed.

— Shuhua

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Check out the full interview below!

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