Girl Group Bling Bling Announces They Will Be Disbanding After Only Two Years Since Their Debut

“We thank the six members of Bling Bling…”

Girl Group Bling Bling has shocked fans with the announcement that the two-year-old girl group will be disbanding.

Bling Bling | MAJOR9

According to the group’s agency MAJOR9, the label released a statement on July 26, announcing the group’s disbandment.

Hello. This is MAJOR9

We would like to thank the fans for loving and rooting for Bling Bling. After careful deliberation, we at MAJOR9 have decided to end all promotions and the contracts of Bling Bling members.

The members of Bling Bling have decided they will be preparing for a new start elsewhere, and we have decided to cheer them on. We thank the six members of Bling Bling for always working hard and trying their best and sincerely wish them the best.

Also, we would like to thank the fans who have loved and rooted for Bling Bling. Please continue your support for the members on their new start.

Thank you

— Major Nine

Bling Bling is a six-member group consisting of members Cha Juhyun, Ayamy, Choi Jieun, Marin, Narin, and Yubin. The group debuted on November 17, 2020, with their debut single, “G.G.B.” The link to the song’s music video is below.


Source: Wikitree