Girl Group’s Contract Terminated After 3 Years Due to the Strain COVID-19 Put on Their Agency

The agency is struggling due to the effects of COVID-19.

Roots Entertainment recently announced that they terminated their contract with Girls’ Alert due to the strain that COVID-19 put on their agency.

In an official statement, the agency stated, “Due to the effects of COVID-19 and various factors, our agency’s situation worsened, so we are no longer able to lead Girls’ Alert. For that reason, we terminated our contract with all members.

They continued, “We made this choice so that they can freely engage in their individual activities and we’ll cheer for them on their fresh start.

The agency concluded, “We ask that you support each member continue to encourage them.

In a following interview with OSEN, Roots Entertainment shared details into how the members will proceed in the future.

We let them go so that they can freely leave when they have a good offer come, and the member, Saetbyeol left the agency and will be joining a new girl group. As for members, Jisung, Seulbi, and Gooseul, they expressed their wishes to remain with the company. Although their contract has been terminated, the management will continue to support them in their modeling and individual activities.

– Roots Entertainment

Source: Insight