Controversy Erupts After Girl Group Member Feeds Male Fan Dishwasher Soap

The group has since apologized.

Japanese girl group PLANCK STARS apologized after receiving backlash for feeding a male fan dishwasher soap.

PLANCK STARS | The Japan Times

Recently, the idol group reportedly apologized in a message to fans. In their apology, the group revealed that they had fed a male fan dishwasher soap for fun.

The members, as a joke, made a male fan drink dishwasher soap. We are so sorry. Usually, we make sure our fans aren’t harmed during our fun live (shows).


On June2, the idol group held a fan meeting event. On this day, they fed a male fan dishwasher soap. The male fan reportedly refused several times before eventually drinking the soap.

PLANCK STAR members fed a male fan dishwasher soap | wikitree

The male fan, in an interview with a media outlet, stated that he had made sure it was safe to drink before doing so.

I made sure it was safe before drinking it. I had to rinse several times because bubbles kept coming out. If I become unwell, I will go to the hospital.


This isn’t the first time that the group’s antics have landed them in controversy. In September 2022, the group held a contest to see which member could sell the most tickets for a Polaroid event. Controversy struck when the group stated the member who sold the least amount of tickets would debut in an adult video.

PLANCK STARS member’s adult video | wikitree

Meanwhile, PLANCK STARS is a Japanese underground idol group. The group debuted in 2018 and currently has seven members.

Stay tuned for updates.


Source: wikitree
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