Girl Group Member Accused Of Fraud Revealed To Be Black Swan’s Hyeme

He paid for her living expenses, rent and even gave her a credit card.

The girl group member who was accused of fraud has been revealed to be Black Swan‘s Hyeme. A formal complaint was lodged against Hyeme by a man who claims that she had borrowed  ₩50,000,000 KRW ($44,800 USD) from him, only to cut off contact afterwards. Upon investigation, her identity was revealed by Dispatch.

| DR Entertainment

According to the complainant, Mr “B”, he had befriended Hyeme through social media direct messages, later on developing feelings for her.

At first I cheered her on as a fan. Then we became close. Following which, I developed feelings for her. I truly hoped Hyeme would find success. That’s why I helped her.

— Mr “B”

Mr “B” claims that the two met in 2018, and developed a close relationship. They had met up offline as well for food and drinks. Around 2019, she brought up the issue of money. According to KakaoTalk messages exchanged, Hyeme had asked him to help solve some financial problems with regards to her mother.

| Dispatch
  • “Hyeme: Just help solve the issue for my mother instead.”
  • “Hyeme: Thank you for showing concern about this. It’s not that I see you as means of money but I am uncomfortable asking for help from others. I’m more comfortable with you, that’s why I asked to borrow some money from you. I hope you don’t think of it that way.”
  • “Mr “B”: Okay I get it.”

Following which, Hyeme provided her bank details and Mr “B” sent money over to help her mother. Mr “B” provided multiple transaction records to media outlets as evidence.

She said that she would pay me back when she finds success. But she changed her number and disappeared. More than anything, the sense of betrayal is huge.

— Mr “B”

Later on, Hyeme had requested for his help to move out of the dorms. Claiming that she would be able to focus better on her activities as a singer if she had her own accommodations, she asked him to get her a small officetel apartment. He paid for her rent worth ₩900,000 KRW ($807 USD) monthly for a year. The deposit on the apartment was also paid by Mr “B”, for about ₩20,000,000 KRW ($18,000 USD).

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Hyeme would ask him for daily expenses as well. Eventually, Mr “B” gave her a credit card to use. The total bill came out to about ₩12,800,000 KRW ($11,490 USD) within 5 months, not including other instances he transferred her cash directly.

  • “Hyeme: Give me some allowance.”
  • “Mr “B”: I’m in a meeting now so I can’t transfer you. Hold on, I’ll send it soon.”
  • “Hyeme: I’m paying for drinks and it’s ₩200,000 KRW ($180 USD) short…”
  • “Mr “B”: You disappeared for the entire day and you only contact me for this…”

Later on as months passed, in March 2020, Mr “B” asked Hyeme to pay him back and leave the officetel, only to have her claim that she would report him. As the officetel was signed under her name and not his, she claimed it was her house. In May, she finally moved out.


Mr “B” works as a researcher in a conglomerate. It is reported that he 30 years old in Korea. He claims that most of the money sent to Hyeme was spent on her entertainment. She allegedly had dates with other men in the officetel he had gotten for her as well. Mr “B” claims that there was no sexual relations with Hyeme through his time financially supporting her.

| DR Entertainment

With regards to the situation, Hyeme’s agency, DR Entertainment responded that she had indeed borrowed a sum of money and would be investigating more into the matter. Black Swan recently had a successful revamp and re-debut, including Senegalese member Fatou. Hyeme originally debuted in 2015 under Rania.

Source: Dispatch