Girl Group Member Accused Of Setting Off Fire Alarm In Thai Hotel Due To Smoking, AOA’s Seolhyun Denies It’s Her

Seolhyun denied it’s her.

A girl group member was accused of setting off the fire alarm in a Thai hotel due to her smoking indoors, causing all guests to evacuate. AOA‘s Seolhyun has denied accusations that she is the girl group member.

According to an exclusive report from E Channel‘s Brave Journalists, one girl group member was called out by the reporters for causing a disturbance at a Thai hotel. The girl group member was smoking indoors, which set off the fire alarm, forcing all guests at the hotel to evacuate. On the show, the reporters also shared a description of the female idol.

In addition, the reporters shared that the girl group member in question is a part of a group that has a large number of male fans, and she made this disturbance when she went to Thailand to film an advertisement. However, some netizens are pointing out why this broadcast from September 2016 resurfaced now, of all times.

The girl group member is known to have a pure appearance, a slender figure, and a good personality, but it’s also said she can’t live without smoking and cursing.

When the hotel pointed how the girl group member was smoking and said they would contact the police, the girl group member simply said how they didn’t know it was a non-smoking area. The staff for the advertisement filming ended up revealing the members’ identity and resolved the issue, apologizing in her place.

She showed an insincere attitude by being late for the filming, and also would treat her other members like errand boys.

— Brave Journalist reporters

In response to the resurfacing of the clip, FNC Entertainment confirmed the member in question is not AOA’s Seolhyun, and threatened legal action against those continuing to accuse her of being the one.

The person in the rumor is definitely not Seolhyun. We are collecting relevant data to use for taking legal action against those spreading groundless rumors online.

We are very sorry that this was reported like a fact, and we will take strong legal action as it has damaged her reputation.

— FNC Entertainment


Source: Newspic and Xportnews