Popular Girl Group Member Is Reportedly Investigated For Involvement In Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Fraud Case

The idol reportedly served as COO of her ex-boyfriend’s company.

A famous girl group member was investigated for fraud in relation to her ex-boyfriend’s cryptocurrency.

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On February 20, JoongAng Ilbo reported that a girl group member was investigated last month in relation to her ex-boyfriend Mr. B, who is currently being investigated for fraud.

According to the report, Southern Seoul Prosecutors were investigating a “Mr. B,” who is the CEO of Company P, for fraud in relation to his company’s P Coin. The company claims that P Coins are utility coins used to purchase equity in valuable works of art.

Prosecutor office | Hankyoreh

The report states that the famous girl group member dated Mr. B and had served as curator and CCO of Company P.

In Company P’s website, the company’s white paper states that they use IT technology to allow anyone to purchase equity in valuable art pieces.

Through co-ownership, we provide an opportunity for anyone to participate in investing in valuable art pieces. The coin allows you to purchase, invest, and exhibit valuable art pieces of artists, not just in Korea but of famous artists overseas.

— Company P

Prosecutors, however, suspect that the company provided false information to prospective investors and intentionally spread misinformation to raise the prices of its coin.



Source: herald pop