Girl Group Pink Fantasy Will Temporarily Suspend Their Activities

They will not promote together for a while.

Girl group Pink Fantasy will be going on a temporary hiatus starting January 1, 2024.

In a statement shared with various media outlets including MBC, MyDol Entertainment shared an update on Pink Fantasy’s future.

Hello, this is MyDol Entertainment.

First, we would like to thank the fans who have loved and supported Pink Fantasy. We would like to inform you that the full group’s activities will be temporarily suspended starting January 1, 2024.

We have held conversations with the group for a long time and we ask for your understanding as this decision was made after sufficient conversation. All activities for the group scheduled through December will proceed as planned.

We are very sorry to share this disappointing news. However, we have done this to eliminate any meaningless hiatus and to give the fans more prior notice of the news. We also did this to allow the artists to prepare for their new activities faster.

We will inform you of matters related to each membger. SeeA has been working as a soloist and will try various activities including full-fledged solo promotions, acting, and modeling.

Yechan has been carefully discussing graduating from the group since team activities would be impossible due to her personal situation. After graduating from the group, she will start a new chapter in her career, performing as a soloist and releasing new music.

Harin has been consulting with us regarding her career since the first half of the year. Currently, she is working on both in-house and outsourced design work. After graduating from the group, she has decided to take on a new challenge by exploring career paths that highlight her skills in fields such as web design.

Heesun hopes to study both acting and composing so she plans to do so. Daewang is preparing to work as a producer and director, as well as an MC in the future.

Momoka, Arang, and Miku strongly expressed their desire to continue group activities, so they will continue to promote as idols. Arang and Mokmoka will also make their official debut as choreographers in January 2024.

All of the members, including graduated members, are scheduled to participate at MyDol performances and events in the future.

Pink Fantasy’s full group activities will be temporarily suspended but some of the members’ individual, unit activities, and social media channels will continue to be used. For the time being, the schedule of the graduated members will be managed on the Pink Fantasy fancafe.

We will announce more information through our channels later. Currently, the activities scheduled for December are the group’s last activities as a full group. Their joint performance with other artists on December 27 has been changed to some of the members’ solo performances. We will prepare so that both foreign and local fans can watch it online after the event.

There will also be a graduation video call fan sign event, which will be held separately. We will share more details later. Gift delivery, letters, and support for the members will continue the same way as before. We are sorry to be sharing these unfortunate news.

We ask for your understanding as all of the members and the company have come to this difficult decision after lengthy discussion and consideration. Lastly, to the fans who have always supported Pink Fantasy, please support and look forward to their activities in the future.

Thank you.

— MyDol Entertainment

Pink Fantasy debuted in 2018 and throughout the years, have also released several sub-units consisting of the members of the group. Their last release as a group was back in October 2022.

Source: MBC