Girl Group SATURDAY’s Minseo Tests Positive For Covid-19 — Concern Grows As Other Members Were Unmasked

She was with her members unmasked.

Girl Group SATURDAY member Minseo has tested positive for Covid-19, and there are concerns that there may be other positive cases as the other members on site were not wearing masks.

According to an exclusive report from Tenasia, Minseo has tested positive for Covid-19. Back on October 20 and 21, Minseo, alongside the other members of SATURDAY, were filming and taking pictorial shots for contents that would be released in the future. On site, there were at least 20 other people, including staff members and the other members. However, it was reported that the other members were not wearing their masks on-site, bringing up concerns that there could be transmission between Minseo and the other members. Everyone present at the filming site have undergone Covid-19 testing.

SATURDAY also uploaded a photo on their group Twitter account on October 23 with all five members. The photo was uploaded the day before the reveal of Minseo’s positive diagnosis.

Source: Tenasia