Girl spotted with Seungri in Taiwan attempts to clear her name

BIGBANG member Seungri became a hot topic as he was spotted holding hands with an unidentified woman, but now the female party has been identified and is trying to clear the misunderstandings.

BIGBANG was in Taiwan for their world tour and one night Seungri was photographed with a lady coming out from a nightclub in the city in the wee hours. YG Entertainment has since responded about the news and claimed that everything was just exaggerated.

The lady, referred to as Ms. Yu, is accused of being involved in bringing pretty ladies to BIGBANG’s after party on October 25th and 26th, but she herself has denied it through numerous posts on her Weibo account. Described by the Chinese media outlet Liberty Times Net as being a voluptuous lady, Ms. Yu was not a regular Taiwanese clubber many thought she was. Instead, she was reported to have known Seungri beforehand.

A reader provided the Chinese media outlet with more information, as well as a chat log, seemingly showing that the reader had been contacted by Ms. Yu before. Since the whole phenomenon became a hot topic, Ms. Yu deleted her posts and photos related to BIGBANG and Seungri, while trying to explain herself through a few posts, but they were not well-received. Besides asking the media not to destroy her relationship with Seungri, thanking BIGBANG’s fans for their support, she also changed her words later by saying that they are just friends and denied that her story was fabricated in hopes to get fame out of this.

Image: Liberty Times Net

Ms. YuDo you have any pretty female friends?
Ms. Yu: They must be pretty enough, haha.
Ms. Yu: I’ll bring you guys to bigbang’s after party

Seungri, Ms. Yu

On October 3rd, Ms. Yu posted on her Weibo, strongly emphasizing that she is not in charge of getting the pretty girls. “I have not been a celebrity before, so I do not know how to handle all these. Although silence may be the best response, I do not wish that all my effort all these years be twisted by the media. I do not want people to quote me and create articles out of it. I do not have a team who can help me. If there is anything that I said previously which caused misunderstandings, I really do not know how to handle all these, so I deleted and reposted, posted and deleted. The more I explained, the more it seemed like a fabrication, but I’m innocent. I know that writing this Weibo post will still cause many people to scold me, but if I do not clear some things up, this will only be a unexplainable dirty spot in my life which will not be cleaned. The most important reason I’m explaining myself this time is that I do not want to bring trouble to my celebrity friends around me, for them to be interviewed or doubted. In the future, will an article be written when someone stands beside me? Hurting myself is enough, please do not hurt my celebrity friends. I do not wish that they get dragged down with me because things are not as simple as everyone sees it as. Everyone please stop coming up with news stories. Although you’re targeting me, I do not like that it also affects my friends. Please and thank you.”

Ms. Yu Weibo

I went to Korea to learn Korean to become a translator because I am not born in a rich family. I hoped to earn money quickly for my living expenses and to cover for my family. Because I was translating for celebrities, we became friends. I strived hard for today without anyone’s help. Why did I work so hard for so many years, but is now named by you guys as one who earns money to get plastic surgery, to study abroad, who tries to use bigbang’s name to make a debut, who finds girls for Seungri, etc. I can be your target, so I don’t care if you scold me, but at the same time you are also making things worse for your idols, so please stop doing it. I just have too many friends who want me to bring them to their concerts, their after parties, and I was scared that I will cause suspicion by bringing girls there. So I could not bring every one there, and I am already feeling sorry towards my friends. I have a lot of female friends and they all like bigbang a lot. Please don’t think of them as “player girls.” It was just a joke between friends but it became a news point for you guys and created the chance for the media to target me and BIGBANG, do you think it is meaningful? She who reported me was also once my friend. I will not name who, because I don’t know how to write the word betrayal like you do.”

Ms. Yu Weibo

Ms. Yu also posted two other similar posts trying to convey the same message, but also apologized and asked for forgiveness. “Everyone has been dragged into this in some way or another through this incident because of me, and I feel very sorry towards them. I had [been] granted permission for every photo that I shared previously; I will not boastfully share it without their permission. Because we’re friends, they did not mind me posting these photos just like how you share photos with your friends. Just because they are celebrities, the situation is made bigger, and I have been inconsiderate about it.”

She then became more emotional against the actions of the idol group’s fans: “I am not a celebrity and I did not do wrong to anybody. I already feel very wronged that I was secretly photographed like that. With the ten thousand direct messages criticizing me, I do not wish to open my Weibo again. Please let go of me now. Deleting stuff quickly means hiding a relationship? You guys were the ones who kept screaming at me to delete them. Whether I delete them or do not delete them, I am in the wrong. What should I do so you can let go of me? You guys said you will protect your idol, so is this how you protect them? Targeting me and trying to let the media find all sorts of twisted ways to continue criticizing him?”

Ms. Yu Weibo

Ms. Yu Weibo

Source: Liberty Times Net (1 and 2)