Girl’s Day Accomplishes Something Most Girl Groups Have Failed To Do

Girl’s Day has personally confirmed that they will not fall victim to the infamous 7-year jinx.

The members of Girl’s Day were guests on a recent broadcast of tvN‘s Taxi and the show created a special event to celebrate the group’s comeback after 21 months away called “8 years of friendship M.T”

While heading to the location of the M.T, the MCs brought up the infamous 7-year jinx that many girl groups can not escape from. Girl’s Day was fully confident that they would not become another victim, revealing,

“We’ll break the jinx. We have all already renewed our contracts. We renewed because we all want to continue promoting together, not because of the contract conditions. We didn’t even think “Why should we do this?” We all decided to re-sign.”

Girl’s Day

The 7-year jinx is infamous in the K-Pop scene as many groups either disband or lose members following the expiration of their first contract, which can now last a maximum of 7 years. Rainbow, 2NE1, 4MINUTE, and BEAST are all recent victims of the 7-year jinx.

Source: Sports Chosun