Girl’s Day’s Hyeri To Step Down From “Amazing Saturday”… SHINee’s Key And Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon To Take Over

Fans are sad to see her go.

It was reported that Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri would be stepping down from her role as a fixed panel on Amazing Saturday. Instead, SHINee‘s Key and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon would be stepping up to fill the gap.

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Key was an original panelist for the show when it first aired in 2018. He left for compulsory military enlistment a year later. Now, the veteran idol is back and ready to shine! Hyeri on the other hand, will be stepping down, much to the disappointment of fans who have come to associate her with the iconic show.

Taeyeon, who is known to be a self-proclaimed fan of the show, will be joining the cast again soon, after her last appearance in August 2019 with fellow member Sunny. She is best friends with Key, leading fans to anticipate their chemistry as a team. Rapper Hanhae, who was an original cast member alongside Key and Hyeri, is said to be returning as a panelist too.

Hyeri’s last episode for Amazing Saturday is set to air late November. Fans have already expressed their disappointment with Hyeri leaving the show although they welcome Taeyeon onboard.

  • “It’s not that Hyeri left unfairly after becoming seasoned as an MC. She’s super close with Taeyeon so would Taeyeon have pushed her aside to take the spot? It’s more likely that Hyeri felt that it’s a pity so she chose her own successor.”
  • “Perhaps Hyeri left so she can go act.”
  • “It’s good??”
  • “It’s a pity Hyeri left but I like Taeyeon too. And Key’s back so it’s like I’m sad and happy at the same time…ha.”
  • “Taeyeon guested a few times on the show and she always hit the jackpot so what do you mean she doesn’t match? Even if you want to needlessly drag on the hate, do it properly.”
  • “It’s a pity Hyeri left but I like that Taeyeon joined.”

Be sure to tune in to Key and Taeyeon’s first episode, as well as Hyeri’s last!



Source: Chosun and theqoo

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