Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Gets Emotional As Sojin Officially Announces Her Marriage

Once a “maknae”…

On October 6, Girl’s Day member Sojin confirmed the news of her marriage through a lengthy post on Instagram.

Sojin | @ssozi_sojin/Instagram

Earlier, it was reported that an acquaintance had shared with the media that Sojin would be tying the knot with actor Lee Do Ha in November. Now, the idol-turned-actress has officially announced the news to her fans with a heartfelt letter.

She shared the news of her wedding and even confirmed that it will take place this November.

Hello everyone.

I 🫢

Although it’s a really private matter,

I’m approaching a moment of great joy in my life, and I’d like to share the good news with you as well. 💌

This November.

I have made a promise to a man named Lee Do Ha, who I love the most in this world, to spend the rest of my life with him.

— Sojin, Instagram

Talking about her fiance, Sojin said he has been a constant support whom she “respect(s) and love(s).” 

Yes. I’ve become a soon-to-be-married bride. 👰🏻‍♀️🤍

He’s someone who filled the empty spaces in my heart with love, someone who gave me a place to rest my heart when I was living a busy life. He’s also the person who made me realize I’m a precious person in this world. He’s a man I respect and love.

— Sojin, Instagram

Finally, she talked about her future plans, including her married life and her decision to continue working as an actress.

I want to live a more precious, wise, and faithful life in the future with this person.

As usual, I will be sharing the little details of my daily life here.

And above all, I will do my best as an actor to repay your love and support with good projects and acting.

To the fans who loved me since my early days and the ones who will read this today and watch over us with affection, I sincerely thank you. ♥️

Posted by Park Sojin.

— Sojin, Instagram

Sojin’s bandmate, Hyeri, posted multiple comments under the announcement, simultaneously excited and emotional about the new chapter of her life.

  • “This is so touching TTTTTT Unnie, please be happy.”
  • “The biggest congratulations in the world to you 💗💝💗💝”
  • “My Sojin TTTTT Your maknae is already crying.”

Meanwhile, both Park Do Ha and Sojin’s agencies have put out statements about the marriage, but all details about the wedding have been kept private.

Congratulations to the new couple!

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