Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Hits 1 Million Subscribers On Her YouTube Channel

Congratulations to Hyeri!

Girl’s Day member Hyeri has officially hit the highly coveted 1 million subscriber mark on her YouTube channel!

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Hyeri started her YouTube channel not too long ago and surprising no one, she has seen a huge success. With her cute, bubbly and outgoing personality, it seems that YouTube users were naturally drawn to her content. Just one year after her YouTube channel started, the actress has officially reached the 1 million subscriber mark!

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The actress uploads pretty frequently onto her channel despite being busy with her celebrity related schedules. She posts vlogs of her daily life, taking viewers with her on her daily routine.  Her videos accumulate anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of views, proving her status as a YouTube queen. From eating, to hair cutting, to her life as an actress, Hyeri doesn’t hold back from filming her daily life.

| @iamleehyeri/YouTube

Doing YouTuber things like vlogging, going to cafes and filming What’s In My Bag videos keep the viewers excited about her content. Sometimes, the Girl’s Day member will surprise her viewers with random videos, like when she went on a dinner date with BLACKPINK‘s Rosé!

Capture from Hyeri’s vlog | @iamleehyeri/YouTube

Girl’s Day fans get particularly excited whenever Hyeri uploads vlogs of all the members together. In this particular video that Hyeri uploaded, all 4 members of Girl’s Day spent some time hanging out and eating together. While they may no longer promote together as a group, we love seeing that their close relationship is still going strong!

Capture from Hyeri’s vlog | @iamleehyeri/YouTube

Due to her various types of video content, Hyeri was able to see an incredible success on her YouTube channel in just a short amount of time. Congratulations to her and her huge milestone! If you want to see Hyeri’s vlogs, you can check her channel out here.


Source: Insight and YTN

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