Girl’s Day and SISTAR will go head-to-head with Duble Sidekick title tracks

It has been confirmed that Girl’s Day will be making a comeback with a Duble Sidekick title track this summer, joining another girl group who is making a similar return as well.

Announced on June 8th, Girl’s Day seem to be looking for another Duble Sidekick hit this summer, the same team who created their hit tracks “Something” and “Darling” in 2014. While the concept still hasn’t been shared yet, it is said that Girl’s Day’s unique charms will be once again highlighted in their July comeback. Their comeback has been confirmed for July 6th.

However, girl group SISTAR, who is releasing a new album on June 22nd, will also be promoting a title track by Duble Sidekick. Similarly, this isn’t the first time they have worked with the talented and popular producer team, and includes tracks “Loving U” (2012), “Give It To Me” (2013), and “I Swear” (2014).

With SISTAR getting a two-week head start with their comeback, which Duble Sidekick song will top the charts?

Source: OSEN