Girl’s Day’s Yura And EXO’s Sehun Both Confirmed To Join Song Hye Kyo In New Drama

Are we ready for the visual explosion?

It was previously reported that EXO‘s Sehun was in talks to be joining famed actress Song Hye Kyo in her upcoming K-Drama, Now, We Are Breaking Up (literal title). SM Entertainment quickly confirmed through Joy News that he is fully onboard to join the crew. This marks his first ever public drama role, having previously only appeared in online dramas.

While Sehun plays the role of a designer working on Song Hye Kyo’s team, Girl’s Day‘s Yura has also been brought on board the show. Having built up a steady resume of supporting characters, Yura is perfect for the job. She will be playing Hyerin, a top celebrity that has outstanding visuals. Through her hard work at efforts, she became a star who is followed and loved by millions. She is written to be very adept at taking care of herself and professional at work.

Yura has previously appeared in various dramas including Find Me In Your Memory. Now, We Are Breaking Up is set to air in the latter half of the year. It will star Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong as the leads.

Source: JoyNews24 and Star Today