Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Picks The Best And The Worst Member Who Performed Her “Dessert” Dance Challenge

The results might surprise you!

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon made her latest comeback with “Second”, but this time last year, she was creating a storm with her dance challenge for “Dessert” on TikTok!

Hyoyeon | SM Entertainment

She got tons of other idols to perform the challenge, from her members…

Hyoyeon with Seohyun 

to Red Velvet‘s Seulgi

…and NCT‘s Jaehyun!

Hyoyeon made an appearance on JaeJae‘s MMTG recently, where, as one of K-Pop’s OG dance queens, she was asked about the viral dance challenge! Among all the idols, JaeJae asked Hyoyeon to pick her favorite, and she chose fellow member Taeyeon!

Taeyeon | SM Entertainment

She revealed that she chose Taeyeon because she did the whole routine cleanly and prettily, exactly how she taught her!

My favorite? Taeyeon! She did it prettily.


JaeJae then asked her to pick the person who did the challenge sloppily, and she picked Yuri!

I did have someone who I wanted to ease down. My friend Yuri!


She explained how, while dancing, Yuri exaggerated the moves a little too much, and demonstrated Yuri’s dancing, bringing laughter to the set!

She didn’t need to do that much, but she’d even use her legs like this!


Maybe Yuri can get a chance at redemption with Hyoyeon’s new song, “Second” ft. BIBI!

You can watch the whole thing here!

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