Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Shows Off Stunning Luxury Penthouse

It has an ocean view!

Back in 2017, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon showed off her luxury apartment for the first time on SBS’s It’s Ok To Be A Little Crazy.

She gave a tour of her new apartment on Sunday’s episode of JTBC‘s Yurang Market, which is a show where celebrities sell their pre-owned items.

It is hosted by Seo Jang Hoon, Jang Yun Jeong, and Yoo Se Yoon.

The luxury penthouse boasts tasteful furniture, an expansive space, and a view of the ocean. It’ll make you feel as if you were visiting a 5-star hotel.

The apartment’s beautiful interior and panoramic view shocked the three hosts.

I’ve never seen a house like this. The power of Girls’ Generation is too much.

– Seo Jang Hoon

They laughed while joking that the apartment is proof that Hyoyeon succeeded.

You can watch JTBC’s Yurang Market every Sunday at 7:40 p.m. (KST).

Source: Nate

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