“They Probably Have No Friends” — Here’s What Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Does To Deal With Stress From Haters

She used to have the most haters.

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently interviewed with Cosmopolitan magazine. She wowed fans with her charisma and beauty.

She also answered various questions about negative comments online. As part of the 2nd generation’s most iconic girl group, Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon experienced unimaginable hate during her early days. Despite that, she’s known someone with a naturally sunny disposition and easygoing personality. It didn’t always come easy to her. Hyoyeon dealt with the stress through exercise.

The job of a celebrity is one where positive people begin to view themselves negatively. During my rookie days, I thought that I would only be loved, but I received many attacks. I practiced hard for seven years, thinking that all I had to do now was to show it, but people were too busy leaving malicious comments. I rode a bicycle frequently back then. I’d wake up at 6 am, and run at the Han River. I’d watch the birds fly away, come back and eat breakfast, and leave for schedules. I think I did well to do that. Thankfully, my original personality is very simple, and I filter to only listen to things that are helpful to me. So, I agreed to think “People still don’t have good taste.” I think of bad things for a short time, and good things for a long time. I only look at the essence of things. That’s how I only remember fun things.

— Hyoyeon

When asked if she now feels more free from the scrutiny of others, Hyoyeon was candid in explaining that she used to avoid such comments. Now, she takes them head on.

Previously, I would totally avoid them and not look at them. To the point where I didn’t monitor myself. But now when I see them, I just think, “If they write such comments, they probably don’t have any friends.” Actually, I’m not a very docile person, so I even want to look them up all fiery and curse them out, like they did to me.

— Hyoyeon

A truly admirable mindset!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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