Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon And Yuri Perform Nostalgic Dance To The Group’s Top Hits

This unlocks a lot of memories!

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and Yuri were guests on the latest episode of the popular, long-running variety show Running Man.

| @yulyulk/Instagram

Hyoyeon and Yuri debuted together in Girls’ Generation with the hit song “Into the New World” and have been close friends ever since they were trainees.

During the episode, Hyoyeon revealed that she was invited by Yuri to appear on the show because she was asked to bring her best friend. Hyoyeon agreed to appear, but later hilariously found out that the episode’s concept was “rivalry.”

The two best friends showed their competitive nature as they challenged each other in a Judo fight. The fight was called when the two ended up locked in a hold while removing each other’s socks.

Aside from the competitive moments, the two also displayed their long-lasting friendship. Cast member Kim Jungkook was celebrating his birthday during the filming of the episode. As a special gift to him, Yuri and Hyoyeon performed a dance medley of some of Girls’ Generation’s biggest hits.

The episode was released just a few hours ago, but the two are already trending for their throwback dance performance.

Hyoyeon is preparing for her upcoming solo mini album, “DEEP,” and Yuri will be starring in the romantic drama, Good Job, which is set to be released later this year.

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