Girls’ Generation Now Has an Official Instagram Account… But No One Knows About It

Girls’ Generation now has an Instagram of their very own.

Girls’ Generation made their Instagram debut without any announcements or fanfare; in fact, most fans don’t even know about it yet!


This legendary SM Entertainment girl group quietly slipped onto Instagram last month. On June 12, they uploaded this picture with the cryptic caption “coming soon”. So far, it is their only post.

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Since Instagram is filled with unofficial fan accounts, some fans are skeptical about this account’s legitimacy, especially because it has not received a verification badge.


Other fans have pointed out, however, that this account is listed as one of Girls’ Generation’s social media accounts on Taeyeon‘s Something New album.


This indicates that the account is indeed legit. It may, however, have originally been a fan page. According to netizens, SM Entertainment took over the preexisting account for its name.


The Instagram handle, @girlsgeneration, matches Girls’ Generation’s Twitter account.


Now that word is spreading, Girls’ Generation’s Instagram has gained over 45,000 followers…


…in a very short time!


Fans have no idea what this new account will post next, but they’re excited to find out!


Welcome to Instagram, SNSD!

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