Girls’ Generation Just Received Their Official Lightstick… And The Puns Are Fantastic 

They dub it the “molar bongs”.

SM Entertainment recently released the official fanlight for their longest running girl group Girls’ Generation. 


It was a response needed from fans after the agency failed to create official merchandise for their girl groups. Red Velvet was the first girl group to receive their own light stick this year. 

Fans Of These SM Girl Groups Want Their Official Lightsticks…NOW!


Although the agency released a preview, fans have already expressed their satisfaction, along with curiosity, for their first official fanlight.


Some took a more funny approach after expressing its liking to a tooth. And the puns that came after that were priceless… 


Nonetheless, they are happy about it. It’s only the group’s fanlight after 11 years after all! 


Girls' Generation