Fans Of These SM Girl Groups Want Their Official Lightsticks…NOW!

Where are their dang lightsticks?!

Now that Red Velvet has become the first SM Entertainment girl group to have an official lightstick, fans are hoping that the company will finally produce lightsticks for its other girl groups.


If you’re new to K-Pop, you may be wondering what a lightstick is and why having an official one is so important to fans.


Way back in the early days of K-Pop, fans used to wave colored balloons in the air as a way to represent and support their favourite group. This eventually evolved into the battery-powered LED lightsticks of today.


Lightsticks are the most popular piece of merch you’ll find at a concert. They are used to create dazzling “oceans” of colour, but they are more than just glorified glowsticks.


Lightstick are also meaningful symbols. Each one is as unique as the K-Pop act it represents because it is, essentially, an extension of each artist’s personality.


Prior to getting an official lightstick, fans are only able to purchase concert-specific lightsticks. For example, this Red Velvet lightstick was produced specifically for their Red Room tour, not for Red Velvet themselves.


These concert lightsticks are flimsier than official lightsticks, have limited light settings, and lack the personality that make official lightsticks such fantastic collectibles.


It took four years for Red Velvet to get for their lightstick, but some of their labelmates have waited twice as long!


S.E.S, SM Entertainment’s oldest girl group, debuted in 1997. The Grace debuted in 2005, Girls’ Generation debuted in 2007, and f(x) followed two years later, in 2009. This means that these groups have been waiting a minimum of 9 years for their lightsticks!


If S.E.S had not disbanded back in 2002, they would have been waiting 21 years for their lightstick!


Fans also believe that BoA is long overdue for a proper lightstick.


She has been active since 2000, and is largely responsible for turning SM Entertainment into the powerhouse it is today.


If BoA were to get a lightstick, here is what Twitter user PrettyBoA thinks it might look like.


Like Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation and f(x) have concert lightsticks…


…but they just aren’t good enough for these legends!


Fans might like to see an official f(x) lightstick that looks like this…


…and this gorgeous Girls’ Generation design could sell out in minutes!


Even though fans had mixed feelings about Red Velvet’s lightstick, it does signify a change in the times. Hopefully, SM Entertainment’s other talented female artists will have their very own lightsticks in the near future!