Red Velvet’s Official Lightstick Is Out And Fans Are Conflicted

Nonetheless, Red Velvet finally has their own lightstick!

The long-awaited Red Velvet official lightstick has finally been released and will be available for purchase from July 24th to July 26th!


Unlike what some fans have imagined and expected, however, the design is quite simple: a white stand with a pink round top with a Red Velvet logo on it.


Before its release, fans have created designs for the lightstick themselves, hoping that the lightstick would look similar to them. There were heart-shaped ones…


As well as a gun-shaped one, which seemed very popular!


Fans generally seem quite disappointed in this new design that looks quite simple compared to what fans have been imagining and have been criticizing SM Entertainment for their “lack of effort” on the lightstick.

“When Red Velvet asks at the concert, ‘Everyone~~ Our lightstick is finally out~~What do you think do you like it?’, we should be saying, ‘Yes!!!!’, but I don’t think we’ll be able to say it that confidently and it’s kind of awkward.”

“Was it impossible to make it unique? Was it impossible to make it gun-shaped? I was even dancing out of excitement that it would be a gun but is this really all you can do? Did you really want to make it the same as other groups? I just cannot get myself to say that the Red Velvet official lightstick is perfect.”

“SM is seriously making it so obvious that they didn’t try on the lightstick lol.  EXO’s lightstick also would have been a failure if the logo wasn’t pretty. The NCT lightstick and Red Velvet lightstick are basically the same design with a logo on it lol. This is a shame SM.”


Moreover, fans have nicknamed the new lightstick “dumpling stick” for resembling a dumpling.

“We introduce Red Velvet’s official lightstick!”

“I was excited after hearing that Red Velvet’s lightstick was out but kimchi dumpling was such an accurate description that I was at a f*cking loss for words.”


Despite the general disappointment in Red Velvet’s official lightstick, however, Red Velvet finally has a lightstick of their own and are now the first SM girl group to have one! Congratulations!

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