Girls’ Generations’ Latest Unit Teaser Made One Crucial Mistake

How could they have missed this important piece?!

Girls’ Generation recently announced their return as a 5 membered-unit, called Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG. They released a series of images to unveil their new unit concept.


The new unit consisting of Yoona, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Sunny and Yuri got every excited, but perhaps a little too excited because the editing team forgot one crucial part…


Upon closer, it appeared that the editing team forgot to photoshop Hyoyeon’s legs! Her leg got cut off after Taeyeon’s arm over lapped and her foot disappeared from the image!


The fans went on an immediate hunt for Hyoyeon’s missing leg!


Apparently, it also wasn’t the first time Hyoyeon’s legs were on the run. Her leg “disappeared” during Girls’ Generation’s old commercial poster too! 


Here’s to hoping Hyoyeon’s leg returns soon!

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