Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Clarifies Her Real Estate Fraud Case After Netizens Accuse Her Of Speculation

She shared her true intentions for buying the land.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was previously reported to be a victim in a real estate fraud case, losing losing ₩1.10 billion KRW (about $938,000 USD) of her own money. According to an exclusive report from Tenasia, Taeyeon purchased land in Hanam District, Gyeonggi Province in 2019. However, the land that she purchased was in a mountainous area that was designated for conservation. This was the land as shown in a news report.

After news broke out, netizens had begun to accuse her of speculation, which is when one buys a plot of land in hopes to sell it for a profit in the future after development. Although speculation is common practice and not essentially bad or illegal if done with pure intentions, it is often linked to insider information practices and hence seen in a bad light. Taeyeon has since stepped up to clarify her intentions with the purchase.

I have been living apart from my family since I was young and hence I had wanted for my family to get a good place for us to meet more often that is clsoe to where I work and live. It was my dream to create a spot just for my family. My parents agreed and they personally verified the plot with their own two eyes and we moved together and made decisions with the same dream in mind. I am uploading this post because it seems that things were painted in a different light from my original goal. Please refrain from misunderstandings, guesswork and trying to force things into frame. As I was unilaterally made known of me being a victim, I am still waiting for the situation to play out. Although I am upset that I have to explain myself to this extent, this is in hopes that those who harbor bad thoughts, misunderstandings and are making guesses will restrain themselves.

I’m not so crazy as to do speculation *tremble*

— Taeyeon

Hopefully with Taeyeon’s clarification, the matter will come to a rest and she can seek her due justice for the fraud.

Source: theqoo

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