Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Breaks Barriers By Portraying An LGBT Character In Upcoming Drama

Seohyun’s role is as an LGBT woman.

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun will be breaking the long-time stigma in Korea against LGBT individuals with her role in upcoming JTBC drama Hello Dracula.

Seohyun will portray the role of Anna in the drama. Anna is described as a woman nearing her thirties who has a good daughter complex and is a teacher at an elementary school. However, she has been harboring a secret since middle school.

‘I’ll never become the person mother wanted me to be.’

She never had her chance to live life her own way. She was always careful to not disappoint her mother, Mi Young. It was in middle school when she discovered she liked women. Anna expected her mother to be on her side, but instead, Mi Young coldly turned away. She can’t be accepted as ‘that’s just how it is’ by her mother. That kind of frustration dominated Anna’s life.

Anna’s world, which she managed to hold together, is crumbling after she received a phone call after 8 years, from the person she loved most in Sojung. Right after, Anna wants to go to Mi Young and be accepted and acknowledged for everything, but at the same time, she wants to hide from Mi Young until the very end.

— JTBC description

SONE around the world are praising Seohyun for her decision to accept a role where the character is LGBT, an issue that is still controversial in Korea, despite growing acceptance.

SONE are also joking around that the writer of the drama may be a secret SONE themselves, as the mother’s name is Mi Young. Tiffany’s Korean name is coincidentally (or not), Hwang Mi Young.

Check out the teaser for the drama below:


Source: JTBC

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