Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Reveals The Dietary Habit She’s Kept Ever Since Her Debut

This habit has helped her all throughout her long career!

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun recently revealed a habit she’s kept for more than 10 years of her long, illustrious career!

Seohyun and actress Kim Hyo Jin shot a pictorial with 1st Look magazine, and took the time to interview each other as part of promotions for their upcoming drama, Private Lives!

Calling Seohyun the “queen of self-management”, one of the questions Kim Hyo Jin asked her was, does she have any habits she’s tried to keep ever since her debut in 2007?

Seohyun, you’re well-known as the queen of “self-management”. Is there a habit of your own that you try to keep since your debut?

—Kim Hyo Jin

To this, Seohyun answered that ever since she was a trainee, she’s been doing her best to eat healthy, while maintaining a balance for self-indulgance as well!

I tried my best to eat less of instant foods. It was probably since I was a teenager that I kept trying to maintain that habit.

Occasionally I do eat them when I want to, but I try to eat once and endure the other ten times.


Kim Hyo Jin then asked Seohyun to reveal some of the instant foods that she gets a craving for, and Seohyun obliged!

I eat things like ramyeon, pizza, and fried chicken as well.


Kim Hyo Jin also praised Seohyun’s strict self-management and self-control!

Seohyun really doesn’t eat a lot during shootings. She has really high self-control and strict self-management.

I think that’s why you’re so pretty and beautiful.

—Kim Hyo Jin

Private Lives, the drama that both Seohyun and Kim Hyo Jin will be appearing in, is set to release on October 7, 9:30 PM KST.

See the trailer here!


You can also watch her interview with Kim Hyo Jin here!

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