Seohyun Sheds Tears From The Support Of Girls’ Generation Members

“I don’t know why but I got tears in my eyes…”

The Girls’ Generation members are known to have extremely close bonds and continue to be very supportive of each other even if some members may be focusing on their solo careers.


Just recently, Tiffany, who is currently busy promoting her new solo “Over My Skin”, showed her love and support for Seohyun by sending a coffee truck to Seohyun’s new film set.

The Support Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Has For Seohyun Is Unreal 


This time, the Girls’ Generation members sent another coffee truck and Hyoyeon even took the time to go visit Seohyun in person at her film site!


Seohyeon expressed through a post on her Instagram account stating that she cried when seeing Hyoyeon, evidently touched by her fellow members’ support.

“I don’t know why but I got tears in my eyes as soon as I saw unnie (Hyoyeon)…My members who touched my heart when I was so exhausted…Thank you so so much. I’m so happy and thankful to be such a loved maknae…You know I love you lots right~?? Although we may be apart physically, my precious unnies are always with me. I love you💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Hyoyeon unnie, who came all the way to our film site despite your busy schedule, I love you so much. You’re the best💋 ”

— Seohyun


Amid a busy filming schedule, one can only imagine how great it must have felt for Seohyun to see Hyoyeon at her film site to support her!


The truck the members sent held a banner with a photo of the Girls’ Generation members and a message saying, “Seo Joohyun! Have a cup of coffee if you have time.”


The truck apparently also provided sandwiches that had stickers labeled “SJH COFFEE” from Girls’ Generation.


Seohyun posted numerous photos of Hyoyeon and herself making cute faces, and it definitely looked like Seohyun received a big boost of energy from her fellow member!


Fans are proud to see the girls stay strong together for so long. Now may the Girls’ Generation members continue to be there for each other and strengthen their unbreakable bond!

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