Girls’ Generation Might Be Gearing Up For A Comeback Soon… Here’s Why Netizens Think So

Here’s why!

Hold onto your hats, SONEs! Girls’ Generation might be making a comeback soon. The girls reunited as an 8 earlier in 2021 with an appearance on Yoo Quiz. Fans had been waiting to see all 8 of them on screen at the same time for years. Soon after 3 members left SM Entertainment, their last promotions was with Oh!GG with the remaining 5 members. Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung, who left the company, had been pursuing other solo endeavours like acting or a solo singing career.

Netizen super-sleuths came to the realization that the official Girls’ Generation Instagram had been updated. The account is run by SM Entertainment. Previously, it was only following @limyoona__official, which is YoonA’s promotional Instagram account run by SM Entertainment. However, fans found out that the account now follows all 8 girls on their personal accounts!

While the following of all of the girls could just be a coincidence, it is rare for a company account to make the conscious decision to follow artists that have already left the company. Fans remain hopeful as when Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun left SM Entertainment, they always stated that they were open to returning for a comeback with their girls.

Stay tuned as we keep our eyes peeled for more news on this matter!

Source: theqoo

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