Former Girls’ Generation Jessica’s Publisher Clarifies That Her Book Is Entirely Fictional

There’s no promise of a movie either!

Previously, it was reported that former Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica received flak from the public due to the designs of her book cover alluding to her time in Girls’ Generation. The sypnosis also hit just a little too close to home.

| RH Korea

Shine, Jessica’s debut novel, is about an Korean American teen that moves to South Korea to pursue her dreams of becoming a K-Pop star. The protagonist, Rachel Kim, is thrust into a debut group of nine girls, under one of South Korea’s largest entertainment agencies. From there, she tries to balance the pressure of the limelight and chasing success while fighting her growing feelings for K-Pop’s golden boy, Jason Lee.

Her publishing agency RH Korea, clarified with news outlets on 24 September that there were some press releases about the novel with errors in it. Rather than a novel that borrows from her real life, the book is one made with the author’s imagination and creativity. RH Korea clarified that it is entirely fictional.

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In addition, as there has been talks of the book being made into a movie by the team that worked on Netflix teen rom-com hit, To All The Boy I’ve Loved, RH Korea claims that it is not yet confirmed and that they were still in discussions for production.

Previously slated for end September, the book will be released at a later announced date.

Source: Newsen

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