Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Reveals The Pressure She Faced Due To The Public’s Image Of Her

She’s no longer the model student, innocent girl you saw on “We Got Married”!

Girls’ Generation‘s maknae has always been known for her polite but stubborn image, endearing her all the more to fans. However, she recently revealed in an interview with W Magazine Korea, that this very image had caused her stress.

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Seohyun revealed that many would see her as someone serious, but she is actually someone that is very human and has many awkward moments. She is also someone with lots of humor in her, a side that comes out more when she is with her unnies in Girls’ Generation.

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Seohyun mentioned that her days as part of We Got Married‘s Goguma couple was already 10 years ago and perhaps due to that, many saw her as the perfect student, innocent and timid. However, Seohyun says she has changed a lot since then. A perfect example would be when she danced to “Shake It” on Knowing Brothers, something she said she did not know would become that much of a hot topic.

Seohyun is surprisingly quite the partier as well – but she does so completely sober. The maknae revealed that at Tiffany‘s birthday party even, she partied so hard that her unnies commented that she really let herself go that day! Seohyun revealed she is the type to stay long at parties even though she does not drink a single drop of alcohol.

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In a heartbreaking moment, Seohyun shared that she felt pressure to change up her image and it was something she was always worried about. People tend to view celebrities one-dimensionally, and it was something that gave her stress. Perhaps her maknae image was so strong that people started telling her that they did not know she came of age. Seohyun takes it in stride though and says she just enjoys such comments now, as she has turned thirty (Korean age) this year.

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Perhaps some things don’t change though – the maknae seems just as wise as she was all those years! As many continue to look up to her as someone that constantly seeks self-improvement, we can’t wait to see what roles she will take up next to challenge herself. Seohyun’s new drama, Private Lives, begins airing on September 16th at 9.30pm KST. It is about swindlers that reveal the crimes and secrets of a national corporation. Check out the trailer below.

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