“Don’t Touch Her Without Her Consent” — Fan Under Fire For Trying To Touch Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Inappropriately

Other fans called him out.

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung recently held fan meetings in both South Korea and Japan. She met fans through MY MUSE, where she not only treated fans to live performances but also gave them a chance to meet her up close. While a fan got to dance with the star…

…other fans got to take photos with her. One fan decided to break the unspoken rule between fans and idols by touching her without her consent. In the following screenshots, you can see how he tries to reach up to touch her back. He could simply be posing for the photo, or trying to get her attention, but he did not ask her before he made the move.

| @sooyoungnews/Twitter

A staff steps in quickly and puts a protective arm between the fan and Sooyoung. The staff also politely informs the fan about not touching Sooyoung.

| @sooyoungnews/Twitter

While the fan did not make any further attempt to touch Sooyoung, he leaned in close for the photograph. The close distance made other fans online uncomfortable after they saw the full video.

| @sooyoungnews/Twitter

Fanbases began warning others to respect Sooyoung by not touching her without consent.

Other fans were rightfully angry about the situation.

The fanmeeting was a place for Sooyoung to interact with her fans in a safe space. Such fans only serve to sully the time and memories for both Sooyoung and her true fans.

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