Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Stuns In A Pictorial For BNT, And Reveals How She Feels About Her Members’ Solo Activities

The OG aegyo queen.

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny recently took part in an amazing photoshoot for BNT Magazine. She absolutely stuns in the charismatic clothing!

Sunny revealed that her debut song, “Into The New World” was special to her, given that many people were singing it all the time. This ceaselessness was due to the fact that the song was a hot topic back in 2007. Whenever she hears Girls’ Generation being called “the textbook for girl groups”, Sunny revealed that she is always thankful for that association.

However, on the topic of her fellow members’ solo activities, Sunny shared, “When I see the members doing their solo activities, on one hand I think they are amazing, but on the other, I worry. I think about how hard they worked to get the final result.

On her own solo activities, Sunny revealed that “In the past, I wanted to show the public Girls’ Generation’s Sunny. Now I want to embrace both Sunny and Lee Sungyu (her real name).

Well, regardless, we wish Sunny all the best in the future and can’t wait for what she has up her sleeve.


Source: Star Today

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