Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Schools Radio Host Jang Sung Kyu On The Correct Number Of Members They Have

“I’ll correct you…”

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri has been doing pretty well for herself in her solo activities. From her YouTube channel to her segment, Yuri’s Kitchen, she has been booked and busy!

Recently, Yuri was invited on MBC FM4U‘s Good Morning FM It’s Jang Sung Kyu. As Jang Sung Kyu, the host, talked about Girls’ Generation’s 13th anniversary and possible marriage plans, he unfortunately made a rookie mistake.

He made a reference to 9 members, instead of the current 8.

Perhaps, although this isn’t something we can predict, are the 9 of you all against marriage?

— Jang Sung Kyu

*cues awkward silence*

That’s definitely not true. I’ll correct you, we’re 8 members. We’re currently 8 members.

— Yuri

Yuri took the situation in her stride, and politely answered his question first. She then corrected him point blank, that it was 8 members in the group currently. To his credit, Jang Sung Kyu corrected himself right after, as well.

Girls’ Generation currently consists of only 8 members officially, after Jessica‘s leave in 2014. Although members such as Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun are no longer with SM Entertainment, they are still a part of Girls’ Generation.

| Tiffany’s Instagram
Source: Insite

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